What Causes Panic Attacks?

What Causes Panic AttacksIt is fair to say that different people all have different triggers which can lead to them having panic attacks. While this makes it difficult to give a “one size fits all” advice it is clear that taking some time to work out what What Causes Panic Attacks can help greatly in finding a way to stop them happening.

Here are some of the most common reasons which have been proven to cause panic attacks, along with some advice on each factor.

What Causes Panic Attacks - 1. Phobias. Almost all of us have a fear of something. While being exposed to the situation or object which causes us distress can often lead to no more than a mild feeling of discomfort in other cases it can lead to a sudden outbreak of sweating, dizziness and all the other classic symptoms of a full blown panic attack. While this may sound like an easy thing to recognise and avoid, people can pass years of suffering without linking the phobia with the anxiety attacks.

What Causes Panic Attacks -2. Medication. Some types of medicine come with a warning that panic attacks can be a short term side effect. If you are on medication and have started to suffer from these episodes since beginning the course it is well worth reading the indications on the packet and discussing the matter with your doctor.

What Causes Panic Attacks-3. Hereditary factors. This is one of the most difficult reasons for attacks of anxiety or panic for the sufferer to find out. Unless you are aware of previous instances of such episodes in your family then their occurrence can be a mystery. If you can’t work out a reason for your attacks it can be a good idea to speak to a trusted family member and find out if this is something which runs in the family or not.

What Causes Panic Attacks-4. Withdrawal symptoms. If you are coming off some sort of drug or alcohol dependency then it is very possible that you get the same feelings of light headedness, pounding heart and tight chest that is often associated with a panic attack.

What Causes Panic Attacks -5. Life changes. The loss of someone close to you, financial problems due to a drop in income and other changes in your life can cause sufficient stress and anxiety for you to begin to suffer anxiety attacks as a result. The good news is that identifying the root cause of the situation and remedying it one way or another should be enough for you to sort out the problem and lose the panic attacks forever.

What Causes Panic Attacks - 6. Passive personality. A passive person is generally polite and deferential when dealing with others. Modern studies seem to suggest that this inherent lack of assertiveness may be a contributory factor in a lot of sufferers. Speaking to a medical expert can be a good solution here, while hypnosis is a recommended way of gaining more assertiveness and sorting out the cause of the problem.

What Causes Panic Attacks -7. Hyperventilation syndrome. This is a breathing disorder which can lead to panic attacks. The sufferer feels as though they cannot get enough air into their system. It is usually caused by stress but can also be the result of a chemical imbalance in the person’s body. The biggest problem is that it is often seen purely as a symptom, when in reality it can be both a symptom and cause; sort of like a never ending circle of cause and effect which blends into one.

The first step you should consider taking is to think over your panic attacks and try to work out if any of the factors listed above is a recurring feature. You should at least be able eliminate a few of them from the equation on the first go. Once you work out the cause for your attacks finding the best way to solve them is going to be a lot easier.