How to Stop Panic Attacks

We all have fears, it is part of being humans. However, not everyone can
deal with these fears in a logical, healthy way. The fear of something
happening takes over their lives and they find it difficult to do daily
activities. Panic attacks can get so severe that people affected by them
find living their lives challenging. Many do not know how to stop panic
attacks and symptoms worsen over time. There are a few tips that can help
stop panic attacks before they start.

Tip #1 – Breathing is one of the most important ways to stop panic attacks.
Focus on how long each breath is taking, try to inhale and exhale in equal
intervals and pay close attention to the way you are breathing. This will
not only help your mind and body to relax, but it will take your mind off
having a panic attack.

Tip #2 -When you feel a panic attack coming on, you can stop it. Take an
object and focus all of your attention on verbalizing its details. Describe
everything you see just as it is, its height, color and any particular
markings. It is very difficult to have a panic attack while focusing on
measurement, patterns or color. Even if sight is not your strongest sense,
any detailed description will work as long as what your senses are picking
up is what is being verbalized.

Tip #3 – Eliminating stimulants can be very helpful when stopping panic
attacks. Any products that contain caffeine can affect a person in the same
way as having an actual panic attack. Those who suffer from these attacks
may feel anxious and have higher heart rates and caffeine will only make
these symptoms worse.

Tip #4 -When things get too overwhelming or hard to handle, take a break.
Leaving the situation can be beneficial because it may get rid of whatever
is causing the panic attack. It can even be as simple as taking a walk; you
may just need to physically relocate. Getting out works well because you are
also getting exercise. People who suffer from panic attacks usually have
more levels of adrenaline and exercising can reduce these levels.

Tip #5 – The most important tip in how to stop panic attacks is to not think
of them. Of course, this is easier said than done, but if you constantly
think you will have a panic attack, chances are, you will have one. It is
important to keep busy and focus your mind on other things. Things like
puzzles or reading can help keep the mind stimulated and sharp.

Dealing with panic attacks can be very scary and emotionally draining. It is
important to know how to stop them, otherwise they can take over your life
and you will miss out on all the good things. If you find dealing with them
to overwhelming, it is best to get professional help.