Take Control of your Life to Avoid Panic Attacks

We have already seen in other articles on the site that there are many different reasons for suffering panic attacks, and that working out which one applies in your case is the first and most important step.

In many cases the anxiety attacks can come from the stress of feeling that your life has gotten out of your control and that you are a helpless onlooker. If this is your current situation then this list of points to consider may be useful in helping turn things around.

1. Realise that you control your destiny. Most people get stressed about something because they feel that it has slipped out of their sphere of control. This can leave you with a feeling of powerlessness which is dangerous and depressing. The first thing that you need to do is accept the responsibility for whatever is wrong in your life and the plaudits for whatever is right. If you think everything is “someone else’s fault” then you are admitting that you can’t improve things in your own life, a situation which obviously leads to higher stress levels and, in some cases, panic attacks. Everyone makes mistakes in their life and if you can accept this fact then you can set about changing what needs changed.

2. Take control of your finances. This is an area of great concern for a lot of people, and yet sometimes the solution can be as simple as sitting down with some paper and a pen and working out where things are going wrong. If you are spending more than you earn then you are going to have change things somehow, maybe by cutting back a bit for a while or by taking out a refinance loan. The worst thing you can do is let the situation carry on and try to ignore it.

3. Take control of your career. If you job is too stressful, too poorly paid, exposes you to situations you are uncomfortable with or involves dealing with tough bosses then just ask yourself one thing. What are you still doing there? Do you think that there is no other job you could as well or better? Job hunting can be tough but it is the only viable solution to a miserable work situation which causes stress and panic attacks. You will find it a lot easier to get a new job if you are honest with yourself about your skills and experience. It also helps a lot if you are open to looking at different types of jobs rather than insisting on only considering the kind of thing you are currently doing.

4. Take control of your personal relationships. Another area of life which can cause a lot of stress and panic attack situations concerns personal relationships. The best piece of advice here is to be honest with everyone, including yourself. Being stuck in a situation you aren’t happy with is not going to help you feel in control of your life and you are the one person who can change things. Taking advice from trusted friends and family members is not a bad idea but ultimately the person who needs to take the decisions and then carry them through to a satisfactory conclusion is you. This goes all the way back to the first point in the first part of the article, about realizing that you control your destiny.