How to Prevent Anxiety Attacks

How to prevent anxiety attacksIt is natural that one gets nervous and feels the heart pounding in situations like an exam or while giving a presentation on the pulpit but when this condition prevails in almost every simple circumstance, the person is said to be suffering from anxiety. The first step in knowing How to Prevent Anxiety Attacks is to to be able to recognize the symptoms.

How can you recognize if you are suffering from anxiety?

There are a certain symptoms for anxiety that can be seen on the emotional front which include irritability, restlessness, lack of concentration, feelings of dread, etc. Some of the physical symptoms are pounding heart, short of breath, fatigue, insomnia, frequent urination, constant head aches, etc. Anxiety, when left disregarded may lead to several serious health complications, and it is best to prevent the anxiety attacks before it takes a heavy toll on your health. Here are a few tips that suggest how to prevent anxiety attacks.

Prevention of Anxiety Attacks

• There are various methods like medication and therapies by which you can prevent anxiety attacks. Before you set out to treat anxiety attacks all by yourself you need to understand the necessity of preventing anxiety.
• You must learn to institute a positive frame of mind so that it is easy for you to maintain a calm mind. Find out the reason for your anxiety and work on it.
• Breathing exercise is an excellent way of getting over the anxiety attacks and also for preventing them. But make sure the breathing exercises you perform are done correctly. Breathe slowly through your nose with the concentration on your breath. While you inhale let the diaphragm shift to your rib cage and exhale through mouth. This brings about a complete change in the whole system and drives the anxiety from the body.
• There is a huge anxiety medication list that can help in preventing and treating the anxiety attacks. Examples of the drugs for anxiety are clonazepam, alprazolam and lorazepam. Though they work wonders in anxiety treatment, they need to be taken only after consulting the physician as it may lead to some other complications.
• Another one of the best anxiety medication is the use of herbs. Herbs like chamomile, valerian and lavender are some of the best relief providing herbs. You can consume the herbs in the form of tea, or they can also be used in the bathing water. These herbs relax the muscles and soothe the nervous system thus bringing about copious amounts of energy to the body.
• Shun the habit of drinking alcohol and smoking only to find a calmed down mind. Cutting down on the consumption of caffeine is also necessary for preventing the anxiety attacks.
• A healthy diet is also one of the keys to a healthy mind. Include a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits to your diet so that the nutrients can relieve you of the anxiety disorder.

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