How to Stop Anxiety Attacks Naturally

Anxiety attacks can be very frightening and wreck havoc in your life. The duration of anxiety attacks varies a lot, and the more you feel frightened and helpless during an attack, the worse it will get and the longer it will take to go away. Keep reading for some helpful tips on how to stop anxiety attacks naturally.

During an anxiety attack, most people tend to breathe faster, however, this tends to make the attack worse. Instead you should slow down your breathing and ‘breathe through your belly’. Sit in a comfortable position and put your hands on your stomach. As you inhale through your nose, feel your stomach expanding; when you exhale through your nose, feel your stomach move in towards your spine. Repeat this for 30 breaths, making them slow and deep.

When you feel an anxiety attack coming, get physically active and channel the anxious energy that is building up into exercise. Go for a run, do some pushups, skip rope, hit the gym, etc… Exercise provides a physical relief and causes endorphins to be released in the body. Endorphins are hormones which have a relaxing effect and can balance the stress hormones released during an anxiety attack.

Another proven natural way to stop anxiety attacks is to take a relaxing, hot bath. The heat will relax your muscles and the feeling of warm water on your skin soothes the mind. Make sure the lights are dim, and yellow light works better than white light. Candles are best, as the flickering effect can be very relaxing, but be sure they do not create a fire hazard (keep them away from curtains, towels, etc). For best results, buy special soaps and therapeutic scents – check your local aromatherapy shop for these.
Yet another method to stop anxiety attacks naturally is to close your eyes and visualize a calming scene or situation. The imagery you choose will depend on your personal preferences and for most people this often depends on their childhood memories. Some people feel soothed when they imagine they are at a beach during a sunset, listening to the gentle waves and feeling the sand against their skin. For others, the most relaxing imagery will be visualizing being in field, lying down on the soft grass and looking up to the clouds while feeling a gentle breeze cool their skin. Whatever the imagery is, try to make it detailed as possible and engage all your senses.

You can also help to prevent anxiety attacks from occurring by making your home a stress- free one. This includes keeping it tidy and getting rid of clutter, not using bright colours to paint the walls, keeping your home smelling fresh and clean, and if you do work at home make sure you have a separate room for that – in other words, you should not work in the bedroom or kitchen. Otherwise the stresses of work will spill into your everyday life.